3 Ways to Introduce Virtual Shopping in 2021

2020 turned the retail world on its head—both online and offline. Global lockdowns drew retailers and consumers alike to explore the potentials of ecommerce, some for the first time ever. With online traffic surging, stores have looked to integrate the ecommerce lessons learned over the past year with the familiarity, personalization, and sheer joy of the in-store experience.

For the most innovative retailers, what this means is an elevated virtual shopping experience that leverages the power of text, chat, and video to bring the IRL experience to online shopping. Connecting with customers in more effective and personal ways through virtual shopping has paid dividends across industries: customers are up to 21x more likely to convert and spend up to 70% more.

In our latest guide, we take a deep dive into three strategies offered by virtual shopping designed to increase online sales in 2021, including:

One-to-Many Video Shopping

Virtual Consultations

Virtual Clienteling

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