Video Shopping: Making eCommerce More Human

Live shopping inspiration examples across industries
Live shopping inspiration examples across industries

Video shopping is on the rise. The unprecedented events of 2020 have rapidly transformed the way consumers shop, causing video to become a crucial part of ecommerce. 

Brands are now leveraging the power of text, chat and video to create an IRL experience for every customer, and the results of this shift are staggering. China’s ecommerce market provides a glimpse into the impact of video shopping.

Singles’ Day 2020, China’s equivalent of Black Friday, saw retail sales over video reach $74 billion. And with China leading the way in virtual shopping, experts are forecasting huge changes in a short space of time. A recent report by Bloomberg went so far as to predict that by 2022, 20% of all online shopping in China will be done via video.

It’s easy to see why customers are so receptive to video shopping. Despite the provisions of online shopping, shoppers still crave the in-person experiences of physical stores. 1 in 3 shoppers are put off by not being able to see or try a product before buying, and 1 in 5 are looking for a real-life shopping experience where they can talk to an assistant about different products before going on to make a purchase. 

In short, brands need to start creating human-driven, authentic experiences through their online channels. Video shopping is the answer.

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Video in Retail: Elevating the Online Shopping Experience

Innovative brands are improving their ecommerce experience with today’s most powerful tools. Customers still desire a large selection of product choices and fast fulfillment options, but with a layer of human interaction built in. Video shopping bridges the gap between the two, empowering brands to elevate the online shopping experience. 

Take, for instance, rag & bone, who recently introduced HERO® video shopping to its online store. The company uses this feature to advise customers on the sizing and fit of particular products virtually, helping shoppers find the perfect piece. By addressing sizing and fit concerns through video, rag & bone has reported a dramatic reduction in return requests.

Clean beauty brand Credo, meanwhile, found that the introduction of virtual shopping consultations through video significantly improved conversion rates. The results are remarkable: customers that shop with Credo through virtual consultations are up to 15x more likely to make a purchase.

The Impact of Video Shopping

With video shopping, brands can offer more to meet the growing demands of customers. HERO® empowers brands to recreate in-store experiences in an online environment, bringing products to life for customers while enabling associates to answer questions and give tailored recommendations—all of which give shoppers the confidence to buy. 

Here’s how video shopping is elevating ecommerce experiences:

One-to-many recommendations

With the one-to-many capabilities of video shopping, brands can extend their reach while still offering the personal touch of an in-store visit. HERO®’s one-to-many video shopping gives store associates the tools to create authentic videos that showcase their favorite items while telling product stories in a new and engaging way.

Shoppers have the ability to buy directly from a story without having to search for the product themselves. One-to-many video shopping humanizes ecommerce, seamlessly connecting online customers with recommendations and advice from the store.

Creating a 1-on-1 experience

As an increasing number of brands start offering seamless, personalized shopping experiences across all devices, buyers expect more. With video shopping, brands can offer the 1-on-1 in-store experience that buyers want, allowing them to tap into virtual consultations with real store associates. 

Virtual consultations offer customers all the benefits of in-store interactions, with associates able to give recommendations, answer questions and showcase products. Above all, video helps bring products to life, creating an online experience that is reminiscent of brick-and-mortar stores, making shoppers up to 21x more likely to convert. 

Personalization across channels

Brands should be able to provide customers with personalized recommendations through multiple channels and keep them coming back for more. With HERO®, brands can send personalized videos through text or chat, or initiate live two-way video calls with customers to go over their product interests in more detail. This means shoppers can experience human-powered ecommerce interactions through the channel they’re most comfortable with.

Video Shopping for Brands: Making eCommerce More Personal

Online shopping is fast, convenient and accessible. The latest innovations in video shopping take online shopping one step further, bringing the personal nature of in-store experiences to ecommerce, creating an engaging and interactive experience for every customer. 

Today’s most successful brands are adapting to new ecommerce environments and responding quickly to changes in consumer habits. With more and more brands starting to embrace virtual shopping, it’s becoming a must-have for ambitious stores determined to compete.

Video shopping offers brands a chance to engage with shoppers in ways they could never have dreamed of before. To learn more about the opportunities of video shopping, watch a demo.

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