The Coolest Retail Stores In NYC Right Now

Retail is evolving faster than ever before. As the line between digital and physical retail continues to blur, brands are exploring new ways to bring exciting and personal shopping experiences to their customers.

At HERO® we love spotlighting the brands and stores that are pushing commerce forward. As part of our Retail Innovation Spotlights, we’ve highlighted the most interesting and disruptive retail experiences in the Big Apple:


Showfields is reimagining how shoppers interact with direct-to-consumer brands by giving digitally native brands a brick-and-mortar home. Through an immersive theater experience, customers can touch, smell, eat and test various products on display.

Where? 11 Bond Street, New York.


The Nike SoHo store delivers the best of Nike products, services, and experiences under one roof. The store creates a seamless link between Nike’s digital and physical platforms. The basketball trial zone with adjustable hoops and digital video screens is one of the highlights.

Where? 529 Broadway, New York.


The seven-story Nordstrom’s flagship store offers the ultimate experience for shoppers in Manhattan. In addition to the store’s many departments, there are spa services, pop-up shops, restaurants, and bars. Nordstrom is also bringing technology into the new store, including an augmented reality lipstick finder and a cell phone charging station.

Where? 225 West 57th Street, New York.


Neighborhood Good is reimagining how a traditional department store should look like in the age of online shopping. The company is creating a new type of department store, bringing together digital-native and brick-and-mortar brands into one retail environment.

Where? 75 Ninth Avenue, New York.


Dolby SoHo offers an experiential space where customers can interact with Dolby products and discover new partnerships. The pop-up space frequently changes themes, hosting interactive workshops, and different events about film, TV, fashion, gaming, music, and sports.

Where? 477 Broadway, New York.


ThirdLove opened its first pop-up in SoHo. The store allows customers to engage with the brand in real life. Customers can take the Fit Finder® quiz using an iPad to find their perfect fit and try on styles before online available online.

Where? 347 W Broadway, New York.


The ecommerce company is rethinking its retail strategy and expanding its brick-and-mortar stores. Customers can use an iPad in-store to order products online and sign-up to receive a text message when a fitting room is available. Everlane is also using its physical space to support local businesses and host events.

Where? 104 N 6th St, Brooklyn.

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