HERO® Founder Adam Levene Discusses the Future of Retail With Shopify’s Kristen LaFrance

HERO® joined Shopify for two episodes of its newly launched podcast, Resilient Retail, as part of Shopify’s Resilient Retail x Hero podcast week.

On the first episode, Hero Founder Adam Levene sat down with Resilient Retail host Kristen LaFrance to discuss a wide range of topics spanning the retail and ecommerce industries.

Episode one, aired November 17, explored everything from the origins of Hero to what the future of retail looks like.

On the subject of how brick-and-mortar stores evolve in the wake of unprecedented changes, Adam shared: “We’re going to see stores that are all about the experience. You may have less of them, but they’re going to be far more experiential. They’re going to be in the best locations that are far more visually exciting. They’re going to double down on service as that one thing that the brand can do that Amazon can’t.”

Diving into how technology will play a crucial role in this evolution, Adam continued, “The concept of the store is going to be more of a showroom, where through technology you can have a great experience in the store and then continue the shopping journey online. You’re also going to see more ‘dark stores.’ A number of our partners are already opening their stores earlier in the morning and keeping them open later into the evening to service web traffic.”

Listen to the episode below.

Resilient Retail shares real stories and insights from retail business owners to help others find inspiration, take action, and make businesses future-proof. Previous guests include President of Shopify, Harley Finkelstein, Retail Brew’s Halie Lesavage, food writer Nik Sharma, and streetwear pioneer Jeff Staple.

Resilient Retail can be heard through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else podcasts are available.

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