Introducing Catalog; helping stores convert every visitor

Catalog empowers brick-and-mortar stores with ‘endless aisle’ capabilities to further bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

Today, we’re introducing Catalog, one of our most requested features.

Catalog provides powerful ‘endless aisle’ capabilities that accelerate in-store and online sales for HERO®’s global retail partners. It will help solve two of the biggest challenges as to why customers don’t buy in-store; a lack of stock availability and shoppers not having enough information at hand to make an informed decision in the moment.

“Shoppers still love the physical store experience — especially seeing and feeling the product — but all too often they leave the store without buying because the item isn’t available in their size or colour, or perhaps because they didn’t have enough comfort to buy then and there. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Catalog that enriches HERO® as a powerful tool for stores to use with customers online and in-person, helping turn every single conversation into a sale” comments Adam Levene, Founder of HERO®.


Known as “showrooming”, a trend that sees customers browsing in-store and then buying online later — often on a competitor’s website — is increasingly common. Recent research by Conversant found that 78% of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers are shopping both in-store and online from their smartphone simultaneously.

While many retailers have invested in tablets for their store teams to access simple product information, they’ve lacked the interactive capabilities to convert in-store customers to buy online and then attribute the sale to the store.

Thousands of stores in 16 countries are empowered with the HERO® app


Don’t limit stores to only sell what’s in-store that day. In-app visibility of products and omnichannel stock availability empowers associates to not only increase in-store conversion, but also intelligently search and sell the entire range of online items.


Undecided customer? With the ability to send product links to customers via SMS or even QR code, customers can browse and buy from their own smartphone after they leave the store. Sales attribution means stores and associates are always credited with online sales made by a customer who started their purchase journey in-store.


Does the customer need further assistance? At the tap of a button, from the product link they received, shoppers can continue chatting digitally with the associate that assisted them in-store, furthering the dialog all the way through to purchase. What’s more, when a shopper would like to stay in touch, associates can add them to their contact list and share personalised product recommendations as soon as they’re released — continuing to drive sales long after the first store visit.

Catalog is available for HERO®’s global retail partners ahead of the holiday period. To find out more email hello(at)

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