Incu Brings Virtual Shopping to Its Stores With HERO®

Incu has partnered with HERO® to bring the brand’s in-store shopping experience to online customers. One of Australia’s favorite retailers and often referred to as a “cult” fashion retailer, Incu is known for providing innovative and personable experiences for everyone who walks through its doors.

Shoppers can now tap into this experience from anywhere. Hero connects online shoppers with a team member at a nearby Incu store via live video chat, text, and messaging. And these virtual shopping sessions have yielded impressive results—Incu shoppers using Hero are 11x more likely to make a purchase.

With 10 Incu stores, two rag & bone stores, and one A.P.C. store under the Incu group, Incu’s founders Brian and Vincent Wu originally designed its stores to recreate the shopping experiences they’d had on trips to Hong Kong when they were growing up.

The expert advice and personalized recommendations provided by store associates were essential to this experience, and Incu’s in-store teams are the heart of the Incu brand. With Hero, anyone can now go “in-store” to interact with them while shopping online at the tap of a button.

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“The personal touch and curation that each of our team members brings is what makes Incu, Incu,” says Doug Low, Incu CEO. “It’s imperative for us to arm our team with a platform that they can use to build close, authentic relationships with online customers. Whether they are sharing photos or videos of their favorite products with customers or even demoing how a certain jacket fits off the rack, Hero has allowed them to do just that.”

Incu associates have gone above and beyond with Hero, receiving an average 4.9 customer satisfaction rating from shoppers since launch.

Beyond live video chat and messaging, store associates can see what customers are browsing online in real-time, making it easy to provide personalized product recommendations just like they would in-store.

They also use Hero to schedule in-store appointments, stay in touch with shoppers via text to share product updates, recommend complementary items, or notify Incu customers when a product is back in stock.

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