Introducing In-Store QR Codes, a Contactless Way to Shop

In a world gone contactless, QR codes are having a resurgence. Restaurants worldwide are adopting the feature to enable smart menus and digital no-touch payments, while Instagram just launched its own QR code feature for profiles, enabling businesses to get discovered and connect with people in new ways.

Post-lockdown, physical stores are realizing that although customers are returning to shop in-person, many are feeling less confident buying items that have been tried on or handled by fellow customers.

With HERO®, stores have the tools to convert in-person shoppers into ecommerce customers, making it easy for them to buy online worry-free, while still getting the credit for the sale. Here’s how.

Scan, Shop, Buy

When a customer in-store is interested in an item, store associates can search for a product in the Hero app and present a unique QR code to the shopper. The customer can then scan the QR code with their own phone in a contactless way.

Once scanned, shoppers are taken directly to the product page where they can browse and buy after leaving the store. Sales attribution means stores and associates are always credited for ecommerce sales made by a customer who started their purchase journey in-store.

Store teams also have access to the entire online selection in-app—not just products available in-store. That means associates can provide a wider range of product recommendations at a time when the supply chain is unpredictable and not every item is available in-store.

Keeping the Conversation Going

Customers can continue chatting and video-shopping with the associate that assisted them at the tap of a button from the product page, ensuring a personalized shopping experience all the way through to purchase.

What’s more, the conversation doesn’t have to end there. With clienteling built-in, store associates can stay in touch with shoppers by text—growing loyalty and customer lifetime value long after the first store visit.

Add QR codes to your in-store experience now.

About Hero®

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