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It’s no secret that Gen-Z and Millennials are shaping the future of commerce. Used to watching their favorite TikTok stars demo outfits and influencers showing new products on Instagram, it’s why social commerce is on the rise. At the same time, online shopping is starting to feel boring, relying on static photos and text descriptions to convert shoppers.

Today, that changes. We’re thrilled to release our most impactful product to-date, Stories, bringing the familiarity of social style stories to eCommerce for the first time. Interested in learning more? Request a demo today.

Already being used by Ted Baker, size?, Faherty, Innersense Organic Beauty, and more, Stories makes it easy for any brand to create shoppable, short-form one-to-many videos that bring products to life, and share them directly on their online store. These highly authentic videos can be added to relevant product pages to showcase new collections, demonstrate products from the store and highlight bestsellers. With Stories, stores are the new studios, and store associates are the new creators.

“For too long, eCommerce has been purely transactional. Stories was developed to empower retail brands to easily create the kind of real, authentic, and short form video content today’s shoppers are craving.”  – Adam Levene, Founder of Hero


When building Stories, we wanted to better understand the preferences of today’s online shoppers. So we asked >1,500 U.S. consumers how they feel about today’s online shopping experiences, and found that what the majority of shoppers want from online shopping is short, authentic video content. They want an experience that’s less static, and more like IRL.

  • Shoppers miss seeing products IRL. Despite preferring to shop online, even more so now than before the pandemic, shoppers miss seeing products in a real way. 64% stated that not being able to see products up-close, like they would in-store, is their least favorite thing about online shopping.  
  • Short, relevant videos win. When asked what kind of video content would give them the most confidence to buy, 68% of shoppers stated that short videos about products they were already considering would win. 
  • Product experts > influencers. Seventy-two percent of shoppers we spoke to said that either a product expert, associate or friend would be most likely to influence their decision to buy a product, with only 9% saying an influencer would be most likely to influence their decision. 

Static product images and boring text descriptions simply aren’t cutting it. Today’s shoppers want to see real video content about their favorite products, from experts who know them best. And brands need to meet them with this video content where they are — shopping online, while looking at items they want to buy.

Stories makes this possible. Store associates and product experts can easily shoot Stories using the Hero app, tag videos with the relevant SKUs, and share their creation for review. Stories can then be approved and will contextually appear on product pages to inspire and convert shoppers. Head office teams can easily track sales, engagement and the overall impact of each video.

Marci from Innersense Organic Beauty greets online shoppers looking at her favorite product, the True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub. “Today I am going to be showing you how I use one of my favorite products. I wish you could smell it, I’m going to wet my hair down and then show you guys how I use it…”
On, Stylist Millie shows how the fabric flows on her favorite dress and provides styling recommendations.


These are just some of the ways brands are already using Stories to keep shoppers engaged and discover new items. And it’s working: Early adopters have already found that shoppers who see stories are up to 52% less likely to abandon the website, 5x more likely to return, and visit 2.5x more product pages.

“The Instagram-style set up is easy and familiar for the team to work with. Making it possible for shoppers to click through to products and ‘shop the story’ encourages our experts to get on there and get talking about our products.”

Stories is a critical next step in realizing our mission at Hero to make eCommerce more human. The videos help shoppers love your products before they start a chat, leading to higher conversions and better conversations. Now any brand — whether they have a store or not — can bring the power of what makes IRL shopping special into the online shopping experience. 

Interested in finding out if Stories is right for you? Request a demo today.

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