Axel Arigato Launches Virtual Shopping Experience in Partnership With HERO®

Axel Arigato, the Swedish people-powered lifestyle and contemporary fashion brand, has partnered with HERO® to bring virtual shopping to its eCommerce store.

The new Axel Arigato virtual shopping service connects online customers in the UK live with a product expert who can take them through the minimalist design and fit of their sneakers, menswear, womenswear and lifestyle accessories, just like in-store. Product experts can chat, call, or even send videos directly to shoppers, not only creating a next level eCommerce experience but fostering a community and showcasing the quality, craftsmanship and longevity of Axel Arigato designs. 

And the power of this virtual shopping experience speaks for itself:

Axel Arigato customers who interact with a product expert via the Hero app are x14 more likely to purchase than those who didn’t.

Partnering with Hero allows Axel Arigato to deliver the IRL experience and expertise beyond the four walls of the store. The brand’s team of experts can follow what customers are shopping for in real-time, answer product questions and easily share personalized product recommendations just like they would in-store.

“As a brand, our goal has always been to bring people together, through the power of positivity, community and memorable experiences. Therefore, we’re thrilled to partner with Hero to build a deeper connection with our community, engaging with our customers directly and impacting their buying experience” said Virginia Soccol, Director of Retail & Wholesale at Axel Arigato.

Axel Arigato joins leading brands around the world partnering with Hero to offer shoppers a seamless virtual shopping experience. Check out our customer stories to discover how others are making online shopping more human.

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