Heal’s Delivers Centuries of Design Wisdom to Online Shoppers With HERO®

The year 1810 is remarkable for many reasons. It’s the year King George III was declared insane. It’s the year Napoleon divorced Empress Josephine. It’s when Jane Austen wrote the classic novel Sense & Sensibility and when Beethoven composed “Fur Elise.” It’s also when Heal’s, the UK’s premiere retailer for contemporary British design, first opened its doors.

Founded by John Harris Heal, Heal’s introduced French-style feather-filled mattresses to London’s homeowners, signalling the beginning of the end for straw beds.In 1833, Fanny Heal took over, renaming the business to Fanny Heal & Son, and relocating to 196 Tottenham Court Road, where Heal’s stands to this day. Since occupying its iconic location, Heal’s has continued to drive innovation after innovation.

Now more than 200 years into its journey, Heal’s is known both as an iconic shopping destination that transcends generations and as an infallible resource for discovering emerging talent.

With a network of stores that are home to design icons including Tom Dixon, Vitra, and Flos, Heal’s continues to set the standard for home and furniture retail centuries after its namesake first opened for business. A destination for shoppers looking for design inspiration and advice, Heal’s is known around the world for its expertise, personal service, and in-store experience.

With Hero, Heal’s keeps up its tradition of innovation, bringing centuries of design wisdom to online customers for the first time.

Inside Heal’s Birmingham store

From the Heal’s Showroom Floor to the Customer’s Living Room

Through text, chat, and video, Heal’s design consultants guide online customers through their shopping journey from initial curiosity to completed purchase. Directly from the stores, teams provide personalized recommendations across furniture, accessories, and lighting, highlighting specific details and features through photo and video.

With 1-on-1 video, Heal’s design consultants walk online shoppers through the design pieces appropriate for their space, ensuring customers find exactly what they’re looking for, while answering any questions about size and material in real time.

“Hero is helping us remain at the forefront of retail, enabling our online customers to access in real time the knowledge and passion of our in-store experts,” explains David Kohn, Ecommerce Director, Heal’s.

The result is an elevated virtual shopping experience that gives customers the confidence to buy, whether they’re renovating an entire home or simply refreshing a room.

“Hero is helping us remain at the forefront of retail, enabling our online customers to access in real time the knowledge and passion of our in-store experts.”

David Kohn, Ecommerce Director, Heal’s
Enabled by Hero, Heal’s expert in-store advisors are able to offer online shoppers the world’s most personal online shopping experience.

From URL to IRL to URL

Online customers connecting with Heal’s design consultants for the first time often want to get an even better feel for how design pieces might look in their space. With Hero, Heal’s store teams can prepare the showroom at the request of online shoppers in advance, ensuring a seamless transition between URL and IRL shopping.

Heal’s understands the journey of furnishing a new home or undergoing a renovation is often a heavily considered one. With built-in clienteling, store teams are empowered to build relationships far after the initial contact and keep the conversation going through text, email, and WhatsApp.

From online to offline and back to online, Heal’s is expanding the expertise of its store teams, driving remarkable results in the process.

“Customers engaging with Hero convert at 14x our normal rate and their average order value is 57% higher,” says David.

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