The Virtual Consultation: A Next Step for Ecommerce Retailers

virtual consultation credo
virtual consultation credo

The world of ecommerce is transforming like never before with rapid developments changing the scope of what is possible. Virtual consultations are a new type of customer service offering making waves within the industry, and leading brands are already using trailblazing technology to facilitate this futuristic form of customer support.

What is a Virtual Consultation in Ecommerce?

HERO® virtual consultations allow brands to connect with customers in real time, starting conversations that are as personable as they are productive. By establishing a live connection with customers as they shop, associates can recreate the in-store experience over ecommerce channels. It’s through these live connections that associates can answer questions and provide remote support that ultimately give customers the confidence to follow through with a purchase.

Virtual Consultations: How Do they Work?

Virtual consultations are similar to any other customer service interaction—the key difference lies in the visual element. These consultations are conducted via video call, so participants can see each other and speak without interruption and in real-time. 

How does it all work? When retailers are powered by HERO®, customers can video call associates inside their favorite stores. With HERO®, stores can bring the power of in-store interactions into an ecommerce environment by providing video consultations that have the same level of engagement and personal touch as a physical conversation. These consultations enable brands to quickly connect with shoppers wherever they are, while also allowing stores to bring a new level of engagement to ecommerce customers.

Why Use HERO® Video Consultation Technology in your Ecommerce Store?

Video consultations enhance the retail experience. Take a look at some of the key benefits of using video consultations for your ecommerce store and you’ll soon see why you should be establishing a live connection between online customers and in-store associates.

virtual consultation

Human-driven Ecommerce

Fast fulfillment is essential for customer satisfaction, part of the reason online shopping is so appealing. With online retailers now offering expedited shipping and same-day delivery, customers can immediately receive whatever they purchase.

Despite the rise of online shopping channels, however, physical stores still remain the dominant mode of retail. What ecommerce seemingly lacks is the element of human interaction that gives customers the final push to complete a purchase—this is why cart abandonment is so common with online shoppers. HERO® changes all of this.

Virtual consultations are helping brands effectively bridge the gap between online and offline channels, combining the efficiency of online shopping with the personalized experience of brick-and-mortar stores. With HERO®, customers benefit from the convenience of ordering online, while also accessing instant advice and support from an in-store sales associate. Brands have discovered this omnichannel approach is a crucial combination for maximizing sales. INTERMIX, for example, recently reported a 15x increase in conversions after partnering with HERO®.

Stronger Customer Connections

Video consultations create a unique online environment where associates can build and keep long-lasting relationships with customers. Connecting with online customers through live video gives associates the chance to answer questions and get to know customers better than they ever would before. 

Virtual consultations create powerful interactions between online customers and store associates. With virtual consultations, associates are able to bring products to life for ecommerce customers, showing off details that are easily missed through an image on a screen. As a result, brands are able to recreate the same level of engagement for online customers as they can for customers visiting physical stores. 

1-on-1 consultations also enable associates and customers to build a rapport. With each session, associates learn more about customer preferences and can use this information in future interactions. By ensuring your service always goes above and beyond, customers will keep coming back. This loyalty is crucial given the competitive landscape ecommerce brands are facing, and it’ll only become more important as new ecommerce companies enhance their services with offerings like virtual consultations.

Tailored Interactions 

Virtual consultations bring an unrivalled level of personalization to online ecommerce platforms. With HERO®, customers can benefit from 1-on-1 advice and recommendations that are completely tailored to their taste and requirements without leaving home. 

For example, if a customer is browsing a beauty brand’s online store, the customer no longer has to guess the real shades of products. Instead, the shopper can have a video consultation with an in-store associate who will help them find exactly what they need. Similarly, when piecing together an outfit or even buying furniture for a room, customers can utilize video consultations to receive design expertise, ensuring every piece they buy is exactly what they’re looking for.

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