Introducing Virtual Clienteling: Now Through Text, Email, and WhatsApp

In 2018, HERO® launched Contacts, a virtual clienteling feature that gives retail associates the ability to add online and in-store customers to their contacts list to stay in touch. Contacts was designed to turn shoppers into lifelong customers, using SMS to keep the conversation going long after the customer has left the website or store.

As ecommerce has surged, our beauty partners are leveraging Contacts to check in on replenishment needs and to recommend complementary products based on previous purchases. Homeware brands are tapping into Contacts to recommend products for customers undergoing long-term home projects. The apparel industry is engaging with Contacts by informing customers of seasonal collections, one-off drops, and product restocks.

Brands across industries are feeling this impact. Shoppers spend up to 23% more and are 85% more likely to make a second transaction, demonstrating the value of 1-on-1 personalized conversations.

Now Available Through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp

Today we’re expanding the power of Contacts by allowing retailers to reach customers through email and WhatsApp, alongside SMS. With so many ways to stay in touch, it’s never been easier to build, and to keep, relationships.

Best of all, nothing about the process has changed. In the Hero app, when virtual shopping with a customer, associates simply send an invite requesting the customer’s email or number—meaning associates can reach out directly on the platforms they’re most comfortable using.

Relationships: More Important Than Ever

Online sales have boomed under lockdown and brands that invested in an innovative omnichannel approach early have seen the biggest returns. Herman Miller’s overall web sales, for instance, are up 248% year over year, while Accent Group’s digital sales soared 150% during lockdown.

Although the industry faces unprecedented uncertainty, it’s clear many of the changing consumer habits that have dominated the retail landscape over the last six months such as a dramatic shift towards ecommerce are here to stay. That’s why it’s never been more important to not just connect with online customers, but to turn them into valued lifelong customers by delivering a personalized, relationship-driven experience virtually.

To find out how virtual clienteling can help you turn online shoppers into lifelong customers through text, email, and WhatsApp, schedule a demo now.

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