Virtual Beauty: How is Virtual Technology Helping Clean Beauty Brands to Thrive?

The past year has seen rapid developments in virtual shopping, something which has proved particularly effective for beauty brands. Social distancing measures and the closures of salons and non-essential stores have necessitated huge shifts in how brands present their products, and consumers too have altered the ways in which they seek and share new finds. There have been clear winners as a result, a prime example being clean beauty brands. 

Shoppers are now far more aware of social issues and ethical concerns relating to their beauty and wellness purchases. Many are now changing the way they shop in favour of eco-friendly companies. This trend has only been accelerated by the events of the past year, with virtual technology helping to make it possible. 

Changing preferences amongst consumers have led to an upsurge in the popularity of clean beauty brands, with many household names also being encouraged to improve their eco-friendly credentials. It’s recently been reported that two thirds of shoppers prefer eco-friendly brands, a marked change in buyer behaviour which looks set to continue as key demographics become more aware of the environmental impact of their favorite products. 

Brands are now far more conscious of their authenticity, and virtual technology is facilitating this change. Here’s how it’s transforming the beauty industry and helping clean brands to thrive.

How is Virtual Beauty Transforming the Industry?

Virtual beauty brings the incredible capabilities of cutting edge technology to consumers, helping to showcase new products and persuade customers into making purchases based on digital experiences. 

Using augmented reality and virtual reality applications, customers can try out different products to see what works for them, just as they would in store. They can even use these applications to connect with experienced store assistants, to learn about new products and explore demonstrations and tutorials.

Recent changes to the way consumers try out beauty products, and the closure of salons and other outlets, have meant that brands need to be smarter about how they show off their products. Virtual beauty is a great way of doing so, and it’s working brilliantly for clean brands in particular. Brands can now make use of virtual shopping platforms to connect with shoppers remotely, offering carefully curated recommendations, personalized advice and product expertise. 

Virtual Beauty: Delivering Clean Beauty to Online Shoppers

Virtual technology offers enormous benefits to clean beauty brands looking to connect with customers and showcase their authenticity. Here are just a few ways in which virtual beauty is helping brands deliver their clean products to online shoppers.

Credo Beauty

Authentic Advice and Recommendations from Experts

With virtual technology, brands can connect their shoppers with experienced store assistants whenever the opportunity arises. Associates who care deeply about the products they’re selling can then impart their wisdom to shoppers, who still benefit from the convenience of online shopping as they learn about exciting, new clean beauty products. 

Brands like Neal’s Yard Remedies are leading the way here, offering one on one product consultations that have been carefully designed to guide shoppers through their journey. Assistants use consultations to recommend organic products, with all recommendations specifically tailored to the particular concerns of the customer in question. 

Another clean beauty brand, Credo, is making full use of the capabilities of virtual beauty to offer authentic advice and recommendations from its team of experts. The company uses live chats and video calling to share its team’s knowledge on the efficacy of products, and provide customers with personalized recommendations. As a result, the brand’s online conversion rate has risen to over 25%. 


Spreading Awareness and Knowledge

Virtual technology isn’t just being used to influence purchasing decisions. It’s also enabling brands to captivate larger audiences, and help spread awareness and knowledge of clean beauty products. 

Technology is being used by eco-friendly brands to engage consumers in meaningful conversations on the topics of clean beauty and wellness. Many clean beauty brands remain relatively unknown, but virtual technology is changing this, putting environmentally friendly products on a pedestal and encouraging customers to share their discoveries. 

Innersense has used virtual technology to educate and inform consumers with virtual hair salon experiences. This eCommerce-only platform offers online consultations which give customers all the advice and information they need on the best natural products for their hair type. Similarly, Credo has made full use of virtual technology to improve awareness of its own clean beauty products. The brand uses virtual consultations to shout about the benefits of its non-toxic products, sharing its message of clean beauty far beyond the confines of its physical stores. 

The Detox Market

Making Green Products More Accessible

Leading brands are now making full use of the new opportunities that virtual beauty provides, particularly when it comes to making their eco-friendly products more accessible to wider audiences. Brands are using virtual technology to highlight the passion and expertise of their store associates, and they’re making it easier for customers to connect with experienced staff to benefit from their knowledge. 

Having faced periods of enormous uncertainty, with continued store closures causing a dip in profits, brands are now exploring new ways of making their products accessible to customers. Using HERO, companies have been able to leverage the expertise of their talented teams through entirely digital channels. As a result, their team’s knowledge of clean beauty products has become more accessible than ever before, and customers no longer need to travel to physical stores for advice on the best green products for them. 

Take a look at The Detox Market, for example. This clean beauty company is not shy about its mission to become the world’s leading marketplace for green beauty products, and it’s now using HERO to bring these products to far larger audiences. The brand has been using our virtual shopping platform to provide online customers with a realistic shopping experience, with full access to the knowledge of its staff through text, chat, and video. Since launching the virtual experience, the company has enjoyed a 27% increase in conversion rates, with an average order value of $95. 

Add the IRL experience to your online store with HERO, the #1 virtual shopping platform. Contact us to find out more about what virtual technology could do for your company. 

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