Aaron Sanandres, UNTUCKit’s Co-Founder & CEO, on the Critical Importance of Video Shopping

Aaron Sanandres, Co-Founder & CEO, UNTUCKit, joined the latest episode of The Modern Retail Podcast to discuss the challenges the brand faced in 2020 and the strategies UNTUCKit leveraged to overcome them.

To keep stores selling while operating at reduced capacity, UNTUCKit made a number of tech-based changes, including partnering with Hero to introduce powerful virtual shopping features to its eCommerce experience.

On the topic of delivering the IRL experience virtually, Aaron shared: “Everyone wants the online experience to be like a store. There’s nothing like a helpful and engaged store associate walking a customer through the shopping experience.”

With Hero, UNTUCKit empowered store teams to do what they do best—sell—even with reduced foot traffic. “Video calling was absolutely critical for two reasons. 1. It showed our customers that we’re evolving and making the online experience more interactive and personal. 2. It engaged our store associates. Everyone is there with their finger on the button. A video call comes in and everyone wants to take it because they enjoy having interaction with the customer and ringing up a sale.”

Listen to the episode below.

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