HERO® Founder Adam Levene Joins Shopify’s Kristen LeFrance to Discuss Reinventing the Store Associate

HERO® Founder Adam Levene joined Kristen LeFrance of the Resilient Retail podcast to discuss the new role of associates as content creators.

The conversation dives into how retailers are adapting to our e-commerce driven world, how in-store product expert content is becoming it’s own medium for eCommerce sites, and why this imagery and video works so well for brands. 

On bringing the IRL experience into eCommerce, Adam shared: “My view is very simple. Follow where the customer is. And the customer today is increasingly starting their journey online. For too long, brands haven’t provided the same level of service or assistance online as they do in physical retail.”

On the impact of content shared by associates live with online shoppers, Kristen highlighted that “Liberty customers virtual shopping through Hero spend an average of 78% more when interacting with rich imagery and video content from in-store.”

Catch the full episode here.

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