Credo, Innersense & The Detox Market Are Blasting Through Industry Benchmarks With Virtual Shopping

2020 proved the beauty industry is more than just innovative—it’s resilient. Despite in-store shopping accounting for up to 85% of beauty purchases, revenue across the industry is expected to remain stable year over year due to the growth of eCommerce. A remarkable feat in an era of remarkable volatility.

It’s no surprise then that beauty leads the way in digital innovation as well, leveraging today’s most powerful virtual shopping tools to fortify their resilience, delivering the IRL experience virtually while sending conversion rates sky high.

Here’s how Credo Beauty, Innersense and The Detox Market are outperforming industry benchmarks across the board with Hero.

Never a dull moment—or treatment

Finding the right shampoo or conditioner online is a daunting challenge. The condition any given product leaves your hair in just doesn’t come through with static images and a brief description. With virtual shopping, finding the perfect haircare routine becomes a problem of the past.

Through dynamic photos and videos, product experts can demonstrate the real impact of shampoos, conditioners and treatments, giving shoppers at home a better than ever view of each product’s true characteristics. Online customers can send photos of themselves for reference or request a 1-on-1 video call for an even more personalized experience.

Sales attribution means store teams stay motivated around the clock, eagerly awaiting the next chat from a customer at home. In fact, nearly 95% of chats initiated with Innersense are claimed by beauty experts in under a minute when store teams are active.

“Clean haircare can be a different experience and education is key. Hero allows Innersense hair stylists to deliver personalized hair consultations, product recommendations, and solutions for individual hair goals,” says Joanne Starkman, Co-Founder, Innersense.

The results speak for themselves. Since adding Hero’s virtual shopping tools to their eCommerce experience, Innersense’s online customers convert at nearly 11x the rate of the industry average.

Bringing teams and customers together, virtually

In addition to delivering striking results, virtual shopping helps store teams collaborate and build camaraderie at a time it’s sorely needed. Credo’s beauty experts regularly exchange tips and best practices for bringing years of in-store expertise to shoppers at home, building relationships with customers in the process.

“One of the things that makes our stores so special is the amount of knowledge sharing that goes on every day. Virtual shopping gives our store teams an entirely new platform to share their expertise, both with customers and with each other. The result is a more educated audience, giving shoppers a reason to return for future live chats. Many even share contact details, allowing us to strike up a clienteling relationship,” comments Holly Jo Harris, Client Experience Manager, Credo.

Nearly 12% of Credo’s conversations lead to returning customers through Hero’s virtual clienteling features, giving teams the ability to add shoppers to their Contacts list.

Using customer context data to drive sales

For brands, teams, and customers, nothing beats a seamless shopping experience. It’s a win-win-win and whether in-store or online, the foundation of the experience is always the same: an associate’s ability to understand the customer’s needs and help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

Drawing on years of expertise, The Detox Market delivers this philosophy virtually, encouraging customers to initiate a conversation from any page. Once a conversation is started, store teams can access Shopper Events, gaining insight into the customer’s shopping journey so far.

This approach means customer concerns are considered well in advance and are just moments away from being answered by a caring beauty specialist.

“We know our customers come to us for our knowledge around green beauty, so the easier we can make it for them to find what they need, the better. By tracking Shopper Events, our store teams are prepared from the moment the conversation begins to help customers make the switch to green beauty once and for all,” explains Jill Vanderzand, Retail Director, The Detox Market.

Tracking Shopper Events from the start—a minor gesture on the surface—pays off, reducing friction, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving the kind of results expected from a fully assisted end-to-end shopping experience. It’s the foundation for The Detox Market’s eCommerce success: over 1 in 4 customers purchase an item when engaged with a beauty expert. That’s compared to 1 in 50 when shopping unassisted.

Driving footfall through online experiences

Many customers begin the product discovery process online before visiting a store to complete the purchase. Although some customers are happy to drop by at a time that suits their schedule, others seek a more structured visit, requesting a time frame where stores aren’t as crowded to ensure a comfortable shopping experience.

“Many customers are very much looking forward to visiting a store but are understandably a bit hesitant due to the state of the pandemic. Connecting with customers online allows us to suggest a time where stores aren’t as crowded and to set aside products they’re interested in so we can make the most of their time in store,” comments Jill at The Detox Market.

Jill’s store teams leverage virtual shopping to educate customers around the products they’re interested in through text, chat and video, before inviting them in to complete the shopping journey. At a time when only 30% of customers feel comfortable shopping in-store, it’s an incredible achievement.

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