Stay Connected With HERO® App’s Built-In Clienteling

Champion customer experiences with technology designed to put shoppers in the driving seat. With the virtual clienteling app feature from HERO®, your store will be taking customers on a buying journey like no other. 

The built in HERO® clienteling app comes with powerful personalization capabilities, helping retailers tailor experiences to each individual shopper and stay connected with customers through text, email or WhatsApp long after they leave the website or store.

Keep the Conversation Going with Retail Clienteling

Ecommerce is surging but the customer experience is still everything. As technology races forward, the opportunities to improve on this front are growing by the day. Retail clienteling, in particular, is developing at a rapid pace, with consumers now far more likely to follow through with a purchase and become a repeat customer, if they experience personalized interactions with associates.

Retail Clienteling through Text, Email and WhatsApp

Customers are no longer limited to a single platform and a single device. Contacts, HERO®’s built-in clienteling app feature, gives retailers the power to create more meaningful interactions and enhance the retail experience no matter where the customer is or what platform they’re on. Best of all, it works simply. 

Associates can add both online and in-store customers to their contact list by sending out an invitation to connect. Once accepted, they can keep a direct line of communication with a customer through text, email, or WhatsApp. Through this, it is easy to provide recommendations, share real-time updates surrounding current or upcoming promotions, and even follow up on in-person visits—continuing the conversation after the customer leaves the website or store.

What Can HERO®’s Clienteling App Do For You?

The HERO® clienteling app boasts a number of customer-centric features designed to dramatically improve the way customers connect with you and your brand. Leveraging real-time text, email, and WhatsApp messaging, it’s never been easier to create meaningful conversations and provide tailored experiences no matter where the customer is.

Gather a 360° view of Customers on Every Platform

Get to know your customers in more detail than ever before. With HERO® retail clienteling, stores can connect with customers wherever they are and on whichever platform they prefer. Whether communicating through text, email, or WhatsApp, associates can experience new levels of visibility over customer preferences, trends, spending patterns, and more. Learn something new with each virtual interaction and turn those insights into actions, providing every customer with a uniquely tailored experience.

 Create Personalized Interactions with Retail Clienteling

Use past interactions (whether in physical stores or through online channels) to build even better communications with customers going forward. Whether a customer is simply browsing, seeking advice, or purchasing a product immediately, you can use these events to shape your interactions with shoppers. Use email, WhatsApp or text messages to reach out with newly arrived products, upcoming offers, and personalized recommendations based on previous purchases and drive online sales as well as in-store foot traffic.

Turn Shoppers into Lifelong Customers

Ensure every customer feels valued whenever they come into contact with your brand by building relationships that last. Using real-time messaging, associates can reach out and provide advice, support, and product recommendations from the beginning of every new customer’s journey. With HERO’s® clienteling app, associates can easily follow up on every sale with relevant and timely communications that will keep customers coming back again and again.

The Clienteling App to Personalize on Every Channel

Customers move between devices and channels all the time, but there’s no reason why a highly personalized retail experience can’t move with them. With retail clienteling on the HERO® app, you’ll be able to offer customers a consistent, fully-personalized shopping experience that goes above and beyond at every interaction. Stay with customers as they move from your physical store to your ecommerce platform (and vice versa) by using real-time text, email, or WhatsApp to send out tailored product suggestions, seasonal collections or restocks related to their browsing interests.

About Hero®

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