10 Must-Haves from Brands You Need to Know, Curated by Neighborhood Goods

Unique products from independent brands make up the bulk of community-focused Neighborhood Goods’ inventory. In this list, curated by the store’s product experts, you’ll find 10 items suitable for just about anyone.

Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store focused on a changing landscape of contemporary brands, stories, and events. Based in Plano, Texas, what’s made the multibrand retailer an unusual force in the industry is its dedication to reinventing such a familiar formula. 

Instead of dividing the store up by category (sportswear in one corner, footwear in the other), Neighborhood Goods works closely with each brand it carries, learning their stories, and determining what can be done collaboratively to make each product stand out. In short, every brand Neighborhood Goods carries is a partnership in the truest sense of the word. 

Beyond its unique selection of products, Neighborhood Goods has become a place for community, bringing people together to shop, eat, discover, and learn, living up to its “neighborhood” moniker across a growing number of stores throughout the United States. Located inside Neighborhood Goods’ Austin location, for instance, eatery Prim and Proper serves coffee, cocktails, wine, and beer, in addition to food it claims is “better than it has any right to be,” acting as a one-stop shop for an afternoon with friends.

Furthering its community-driven mission, Neighborhood Goods carries a wide range of local brands at each of its three locations. The result is a neighborhood merchant that carries products created by people in the neighborhood for people living in or visiting the neighborhood.

To better understand its focus on community and the wide range of local brands at the heart of it, we asked the neighborhood department store to select a handful of products it’d recommend to just about anyone. See the staff’s curation below, alongside a few words co-signing each suggestion.

Afterwards, head to neighborhoodgoods.com to virtually shop with an in-store storyteller for more personalized product recommendations from independent brands.

Maude Tub Kit

“Self-care is more important than ever and this kit includes everything you need for a relaxing bath that smells incredible, too.” – Miekala Cangelosi, Graphic Designer

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Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

“Our favorite mask ever. It smells good and the results are amazing.”- Bella Pepin, Marketing Manager

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Neighborhood Goods Smiley T-Shirt

“A high-quality tee with a cheerful smiley companion to boot.” – Scott Cooper, Brand Partnerships

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Cancelled Plans Candle

“Because so many people can relate to having plans cancelled right now.” – Katrina Basic, SVP of Finance

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Alex Crane Playa Shirt

“We love these breezy goods that transition perfectly between seasons.” – Scott Cooper, Brand Partnerships

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Atoms Model 000

“Slip on these babies and feel what it’s like to walk on clouds.” – Miekala Cangelosi, Graphic Designer

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Emory Bee Western Willie Shirt Dress

“This dress is easy to throw and pair well with anything from cowboy boots to heels.” – Bella Pepin, Marketing Manager

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CADDIS Miklos Readers

“This shade of Heritage Green adds a relaxing but exciting accent to any outfit.” – Miekala Cangelosi, Graphic Designer

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Courant Catch:1

“The perfect gift for your parent, best friend, or a coworker. It’s a versatile crowd pleaser!” – Scott Cooper, Brand Partnerships

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SOKO Sayo Cuff

“A perfect staple for any outfit.” – Katrina Basic, SVP of Finance

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