rag & bone Helps Online Shoppers Find the Perfect Fit With HERO®

Founded in 2002 by Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright, fashion brand rag & bone launched its first men’s collection in 2004 and its first women’s line in 2005. Since the beginning, rag & bone has sought to create high-quality garments that team the elegance of British tailoring with the authenticity of American workwear and the originality that is so tightly intertwined with the streets of rag & bone’s home city, New York.

Within a few short years, the brand became known for its unconventional marketing, enlisting supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel to interpret the brand’s clothing in their own ways. Other global icons such as Kate Moss, Wiz Khalifa, and Léa Seydoux have since followed suit, appearing in campaigns on billboards across the world.

Beneath rag & bone’s artistic and distinctive approach is a brand dedicated to creating beautifully constructed clothes, using time-honored techniques of skilled, local manufacturers at some of the oldest factories in the U.S. The importance of quality, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail informs everything rag & bone stands for.

This core philosophy carries through to the rag & bone shopping experience. Customers flock to the brand’s 50+ stores knowing they’re buying timeless clothing, assisted by passionate and knowledgeable store teams.

In partnership with Hero, rag & bone is bringing the feeling of the brand and the IRL shopping experience to online customers for the first time ever through text, chat, and video.

An associate at rag & bone TriBeCa using the HERO® app in-store

The Perfect Fit, Virtually

Every piece of rag & bone clothing is designed with purpose. It’s what makes every piece special. With Hero, rag & bone store teams are connecting with online shoppers to help them better identify the right item for them, walking customers through the fine details of expertly crafted pieces directly from the physical store through 1-on-1 video.

Since adding Hero’s virtual shopping tools to their ecommerce approach in January 2020, rag & bone has found that roughly 58% of conversations initiated by customers relate to sizing and fit. While a customer would normally only have a few static tables on the webstore to reference, the power of virtual shoppings allows them to get insights from someone who knows the ins and outs of every product—and has that exact product right in front of them.

By addressing these concerns up front, rag & bone hits the mark the first time around, drastically reducing the amount of returns. At the same time, store teams can inform online customers of the brand’s return policy in the early stages of the product discovery journey, giving them the confidence to follow through with their shopping experience.

Initially launched in 13 rag & bone locations across the U.S. and UK, the brand quickly rolled out Hero to all of its stores following the remarkable results seen in just the first few months.

“We exceeded our initial business case and delivered six-figure sales in the first 12 weeks. We’re now rolling out Hero to our entire store network so that even more online customers can get the experience of our stores, however they choose to shop,” comments Aaron Detrick, VP Digital, rag & bone.

An associate at rag & bone sharing a photo of a boot to a customer shopping virtually from home

“We went on to exceed our initial business case and delivered six-figure sales in the first 12 weeks. We’re now rolling out Hero to our entire store network so that even more online customers can get the experience of our stores, however they choose to shop.”

Aaron Detrick, VP Digital, rag & bone
Sending photos & videos of paired outfits to online shoppers

A Reserved Fitting Room

In addition to the sizing and fit of items, rag & bone found that around 25% of chats initiated by customers related to availability of items in-store. Seamlessly blending the online and offline experience, product experts help customers continue their shopping experience in-store by inviting them in at a time that best suits their schedule.

Armed with the knowledge of what the customer is interested in well in advance, store teams drive foot traffic to stores, while preparing fitting rooms with items requested by shoppers, alongside other products personally recommended by expert staff.

Whether in-store or online, it’s clear the power of virtual shopping is working. Since January 2021, interactions through Hero have yielded a remarkable 20.3% conversation rate, with an average order value of $292. Throughout the remainder of 2021, rag & bone even plans to roll out Hero across three new stores it’s set to open, no doubt continuing to merge the IRL and URL shopping experience customers love.

About Hero®

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