Three Partners With HERO® to Launch Three Store Now

Three UK has long been at the forefront of innovations amongst European mobile networks and retailers, becoming the first commercial provider of 3G in the UK upon their launch in 2003. Not long after launching, the company quickly became one of the biggest mobile networks in the UK and today has the widest network coverage amongst its competitors at 99.8%.

From the very start, Three has been recognized for its progressive approach to selling phones, mobile contracts, and industry-leading value propositions. Its no frills SIM-only brand SMARTY introduced a unique service in 2017 to buy back unused data by means of a bill discount, while Three’s Go Roam service has been popular among frequent travellers, pioneering the ability to call home from over 70 different countries for the same price as a phone call made in the UK itself.

With Hero, Three is innovating yet again, guiding online customers through their shopping journey while answering any questions in real time with Three Store Now, a world-first initiative connecting customers at home with staff in store through text, chat, and video.

“We’re thrilled to be the first mobile network in the world to partner with Hero; making it as easy for customers to shop our stores as it is text and video call with their friends.”

Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel & Digital First, Three

All the Advice, None of the Hassle

When making big purchasing decisions, like buying a new phone, shoppers are understandably hesitant to commit to a years-long contract based solely off internet hype and a few ads. Static photos alone fail to communicate the feel of a product, its weight in your pocket, or just how easily your thumb will be able to stretch across the screen while composing a message.

With Three Store Now, in-store product experts provide customers with information, advice, and authentic photos and videos shared via text or chat. From cosmetic details like glossy vs matte finishes to product specifications like the amount and strength of cameras, Three team members across 75 UK locations respond to any concerns just like they would in store.

Furthermore, one-on-one video calling lets online shoppers get an even closer look at products while asking any questions they may have, educating customers on the subtle but important differences between products across popular brands and models.

“We understand that our customers live increasingly busy lives and can’t always make it into one of our stores. That’s why we’re thrilled to be the first mobile network in the world to partner with Hero; making it as easy for customers to shop our stores as it is text and video call with their friends,” says Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel & Digital First, Three.

It’s clear customers love this form of conversational commerce: between October 2019 and January 2021, Three Store Now has fielded over 1.1 million chats.

An in-store advisor uses the HERO® app to chat and share recommendations with an online customer

First in Line Without Waiting in Line

Three’s partnership with Hero also allows the mobile giant to keep customers up to date on the latest releases and upgrade opportunities.

Newly released flagship models from brands such as Apple and Samsung are usually in high demand. This means it’s easy for customers to miss out if they don’t have their finger on the pulse.

With built-in clienteling, Three Store Now advisors can let existing customers know when the hottest new releases will be available—and how they can get their hands on one without waiting in line. Through text, email, and WhatsApp, Three Store Now teams can direct shoppers to their nearest brick-and-mortar or offer a direct link to purchase new products online the moment they become available.

The possibilities extend even further with upgrade opportunities. Three Store Now advisors can reach out to customers well in advance of their contract renewing, letting them know which upgrades and promotions they’re eligible to take advantage of.

Innovators in the world of mobile, Three continue to break down barriers through their partnership with Hero. Three Store Now is delivering the in-store experience to online customers through the power of virtual shopping.

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