Innersense Delivers the Hair Salon Experience Virtually With HERO®

Founded by Greg and Joanne Starkman in 2005, Innersense Organic Beauty was conceived after their daughter, Morgan, was diagnosed at 22 months old with Williams Syndrome. Greg immersed himself in the study of green chemistry, while Joanne became an avid researcher, both unwavering as they sought answers for their daughter and her diagnosis.

As hairstylists, they quickly discovered their exposure to toxic chemicals in the salon placed them at a much higher risk for diseases when compared with professionals in other industries. Greg and Joanne became passionately motivated to create a safe and healthy household for their family, and saw it as their purpose to care for their stylist colleagues knowing the toxic environment they worked in every day.

Their research ultimately led them to Innersense, a salon-professional clean haircare brand. Central to the Innersense mission is a dedication to clean chemistry, radical transparency, and a commitment to the environment. This means no parabens, silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or questionable ingredients are found in any of their products.

Today Innersense is recognized as a leader in clean haircare, carried in salons, specialty beauty retailers, and online stores around the world. With Hero, Innersense is sharing their clean message and delivering the hair salon experience virtually for the first time.

Delivering Education, Awareness, and the Salon Experience Virtually

Innersense understands that driving education and awareness is a key ingredient of the organic beauty movement. With Hero, the clean haircare brand is engaging customers in meaningful conversation and providing resources for information and discovery through text, chat, and video.

As an eCommerce-only brand, Innersense hair stylists connect with online customers wherever they are for an elevated virtual shopping experience. 1-on1 consultations in particular have become an invaluable part of the virtual salon experience.

From sharing the right conditioner for curly hair to offering advice on which ingredients provide nourishment for scalps, Innersense hair stylists help customers find the exact products they’re looking for in a setting they’re familiar with: video calls.

“Clean haircare can be a different experience and education is key. Hero allows Innersense hair stylists to deliver personalized hair consultations, product recommendations, and solutions for individual hair goals,” says Joanne Starkman, Co-Founder, Innersense.

“With the beauty industry sales conversion benchmark between 15% and 25%, we set our target on the high side. It’s been incredible to see our sales conversion rate top 30%. This tells me we are provisioning a much needed, valuable service.”

Greg Starkman, Co-Founder, Innersense

Guiding Customers Throughout Their Haircare Journey

Beyond helping new customers find the products that are right for them, Innersense leverages the power of virtual shopping to help existing customers get the most out of their products and to recommend additional shampoos, conditioners, and treatments to complement their haircare routine.

With built-in clienteling, Innersense hair stylists are able to keep building relationships past the first or even second consultation, staying in touch with customers via text, email, and WhatsApp to share new products, replenishment reminders, and personalized recommendations.

Impact You Can Measure

Between April 2020 and January 2021, Innersense has received over 15,000 chats from online shoppers across the country, resulting in over $50,000 in sales through Hero with an average order value of $82.

Customers rated their personalized virtual shopping experience 4.9 out of 5 on average—a testament to the incredible expertise of Innersense hair stylists—leading to 10x the conversion rate compared to online sales without Hero.

“With the beauty industry sales conversion benchmark between 15% and 25%, we set our target on the high side. It has been incredible to see our sales conversion rate top 30%. This tells me we are provisioning a much needed, valuable service,” explains Greg Starkman, Co-Founder, Innersense.

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