How John Hardy is stepping up it’s omnichannel ambitions

Walk the cobbled streets of Soho, NY and you’ll see a unique collection of forward-thinking brands from Louis Vuitton to Sonos. It’s now also home to John Hardy’s brand new, 12,000 sq ft flagship boutique.

The new store cuts through the noise of the popular shopping district thanks to its oak varnish fascia and gold signage, but behind the historic architecture lies a company in the midst of a digital revolution.

Drawing on its Balinese origins to create ‘ultimate beauty’ through its hand-crafted jewellery, John Hardy serves customers at more than 600 retail locations across 27 countries and is a hallmark for sustainable luxury around the world. Their team helps customers navigate intricate and personal purchase decisions, but with shoppers spending more time browsing online than ever, John Hardy wanted to extend the expertise of its associates to digital channels.

“Our challenge was ‘how do we deliver the same personal and expert service customers receive in-store, when they’re shopping online?’
— Audrey Yu, VP Digital — John Hardy

Audrey Yu, VP, Global Digital, John Hardy

Hero is helping John Hardy solve this problem by connecting millions of shoppers on it’s website live with experts in the boutique. The two shop live together as if they were in-store. Hero’s technology allows John Hardy’s associates to truly engage with the clients by sharing in-store imagery, detailed product cards, personalised style tips and even live video broadcasts — straight from the shop floor.

The true power of Hero lies in its effectiveness at helping grow sales.

“Since our teams have been using Hero, we’ve seen impressive and immediate results, when customers on live shop through Hero, up to 10 times more go through to purchase — and spend approximately 44% more.”

Associates are able to boost their own earnings, whilst knowing they are providing a highly-personal shopping service. By giving online customers comfort at the point of checkout, returns have significantly reduced also.

“We no longer lose customers who are browsing online and need help, instead we gain valuable opportunities to interact with our clients in an authentic way digitally.”

To find out more about our partnership with John Hardy, watch the video below:

About HERO®

HERO® is a commerce company, powering omnichannel shopping experiences for global retailers including Nike, adidas, Levi’s, LVMH, Gap Inc and Richemont.

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