HERO® and TSI Holdings Bring the Power of Conversational Commerce to Japan

Translated into Japanese below for convenience.

TSI Holdings, the parent company of more than 40 apparel, accessories, beauty brands, has become the first-ever company headquartered in Japan to roll out HERO® to its stores. Beginning with Laline, the beloved skincare and cosmetics brand, online shoppers who want to ask questions or access tailored product recommendations will be able to connect with in-store associates via text, chat and video.

Founded in 1999, Laline started out as a single boutique and ultimately evolved to become a leading retailer of skincare, cosmetics and lifestyle products with more than 100 stores worldwide. From their ingredients to their packaging to their stores, Laline seeks to create a world of pampering and tranquility for their customers. Now they’ll be able to extend their brand experience to their online customers, connecting them with an associate who can help with product selection, inspiration, availability and gift buying.

“In recent years, we’ve seen our customers seek out more detailed information and advice from our store associates,” said TSI Group President and CEO Mr Shinichi Uetadani. “Hero helps us give them a seamless experience online, with the kind of personalized attention they would get in one of our stores.”

A Laline store associate sending a product recommendation through HERO®

The teams at at TSI Holdings and Laline recognized that customers shopping for beauty products online often need access to the kind of insight and expertise that only a store associate can provide — whether it be a skincare consultation to find out the right moisturiser for you skin type, or colour matching the right shade of foundation and blush for your skin tone.

In addition to 10 Laline locations in Japan, Hero will be rolled out to an additional 16 stores in the TSI portfolio, and supported via the Japanese language version of the Hero app.

“Japan is a key market for us and we’re proud to be able to extend our reach there via our partnership with TSI Holdings. We look forward to helping savvy brands like Laline engage with their customers in a new and powerful way.”

Hero CEO Alistair Crane








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