DECIEM Partners With HERO® to Launch Virtual Shopping Experience

DECIEM, also known as the parent company of The Ordinary and NIOD, has partnered with HERO® to introduce DECIEM AT HOME, a live virtual consultation feature that allows customers to ask all their skincare questions via instant messages, two-way video chat, photos and video calls.

Customers can access the new functionality via product pages across Deciem’s website and instantly connect with a brand ambassador at their local store. Users can send photo or video of their skin concern, and receive a personalized skincare regimen, along with product recommendations.


“We strongly believe in the power of human connection and knew that only good things could come from being able to meet the people who support our journey in person”

Deciem CEO Nicola Kilner

“Today those in-person meetings are not possible, but the human connection matters more than ever. Skincare is deeply personal, and our audience deserves to receive dedicated advice before considering what may work for their specific needs. DECIEM AT HOME will be an online reflection of the educated, human experience that our store ambassadors are so passionate about delivering daily.”

DECIEM AT HOME has been featured across Refinery29, Dazed and HYPEBAE.

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