Chalhoub Group Partners With HERO® to Bring Luxury Footwear to Customers at Home

Chalhoub Group, the Middle East’s preeminent luxury retailer, is the first retailer in the UAE to partner with Hero, connecting retail stores to customers via text, chat, and video. Through this virtual shopping service, Chalhoub Group’s Level Shoes is bringing the in-store experience online, making it more human, personal, and intimate.

Since 2015, Level Shoes has merged their brick-and-mortar store in The Dubai Mall with their eCommerce proposition. With Hero, Level Shoes is able to offer online customers personalized guidance and product recommendations from store teams. This approach reflects Level Shoes’ evolving omnichannel strategy, bringing physical stores and retail employees into the eCommerce experience.

Rania Masri launched and managed Level Shoes for five years before moving into the role of chief transformation officer for Chalhoub Group. In this role, her mission is to future-proof and transform the parent company from a distributor and retailer to a hybrid model.

Through Level Shoes, Masri is exploring how the store of the future should function, putting the customer at the heart of the experience and partnering strategically with companies like Hero in order to do so.

Since launching Hero in April, 15,000 conversations have been initiated with an 8.3% conversion rate, representing 2.5% of all of Level Shoes’ online sales. 15% of the retailer’s total revenue comes from eCommerce and Level Shoes expects online growth in 2020 to be four times that of last year.

Masri spoke to WWD regarding the strategy, “The pandemic this year forced us to adjust to the new reality faster. What seemed to be a disaster turned out to be a blessing in disguise for our online ecosystem. We had to offer them the high standards and quality of service that they have become accustomed to.”

Adds Level Shoes Retail Department Manager, Fleur Rush, “At Level Shoes we are constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of luxury retail and Hero has launched in a moment when our customers are favoring a virtual journey, without compromising on experience. With Hero, we can see what shoppers are browsing in real-time as they move around the website and share recommendations and more information to support their purchasing decisions. Nurturing our customers journey online will go a long way to establishing a human connection and building trust, as well as better understand their desires and how to solve their problems.”

With Hero’s virtual shopping service, Level Shoes ensures a seamless customer journey, whether online or offline, reducing the burden of “too much choice” and giving customers the confidence to buy. A few of the benefits Hero offers include answering questions about fit in real time, inviting online customers to experience the physical store, and encouraging offline customers to experience the personal service online.

“Footwear can be difficult to buy online because of size, fit, and style. Hero and Level Shoes are making it easier for customers to buy with confidence and make the best choice every time. As Hero looks to expand throughout the Middle East and add to our global footprint of 30 countries and counting, we’re proud that our first partner in the region is such a future-focused retailer”

Hero CEO Alistair Crane

Level Shoes joins leading brands around the world partnering with Hero to offer customers a seamless virtual shopping experience. Read our customer stories to discover how others are making online shopping more human.

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