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It started after being stuck waiting on hold.

Our story started in 2015 after Adam was left waiting on hold to his local book store while browsing their website. He’d just spent time travelling South America and was struck by how many local businesses were using WhatsApp to connect with customers. He asked himself “Why can’t I just text the store instead?”

Together with longtime friend and colleague Alistair; they set out to create a more personal and convenient way to shop that reflects how we as humans interact in the 21st century.

Size x Nike Retail store associate holding phone

“Like FaceTiming your favorite sales associate”

Empowering brands to unleash their human edge

Today, HERO® has grown from a startup to the world leader in video and conversational commerce, in partnership with the world’s fastest-growing brands and retail groups including Nike, Levi’s and LVMH. The company has raised more than $15m in funding.