Our mission
To help stores unlock their competitive edge

Everyday across the world, stores rely on HERO® to stay connected to their customers – whether in-person, via text, chat or video. We power the deeply human customer experiences that help them standout from the crowd.

Stores create one in ten of the world’s jobs, more than any other sector. We exist to not only keep these stores and their employees at the heart of communities and the economy, but to empower them with the technology that unlocks their unique advantage over the ecommerce giants.

Our story
It started after being stuck waiting on hold

HERO® was founded in 2015, after Adam was stuck waiting on hold to his local book store. He’d just spent time travelling South America and was struck by how many local businesses were using WhatsApp to connect with customers. He asked himself “Why can’t I just text the store instead of calling?”

With the seeds of an idea, he teamed up with longtime friend and colleague Alistair; both with more than a decade’s experience in mobile commerce and messaging.

Today, HERO® has grown from a startup to a world leader in conversational commerce. The company has raised more than $15m in private and venture capital.

Investors and advisors include the former COO of Uniqlo, former EVP, Technology at Macy’s and the Director of Commerce Partnerships at Google.

Our teams in New York and London

Our leadership

Adam Levene

Natasha Franzen
Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Grace
Chief Revenue Officer

James Piccirillo
Chief Financial Officer