Instantly connect your customers and stores via text, chat and video

Give customers the most convenient, personal way to shop – and watch as foot traffic and online sales grow

Local intent
Connect shoppers with their nearest store

Answer product questions, check availability and convert website visitors into offline customers – or close the sale online.

1 in 3 customers go in store after interacting

Make it real
Extend the experience of the store online

From one convenient app, send photos, videos and make video calls direct from the shop floor; giving shoppers the confidence they need to buy, and making them less likely to return items.

Customers are up to 14x more likely to convert

Personal touch
Recommend products customers will love

See what shoppers are browsing in real-time as they move around your website. Send recommendations for other items to buy straight into the chat.

Customers spend up to 70% more

Motivate stores
Bring customers in-store or close the sale online

Whether a shopper wants to visit the store or checkout online, store teams are credited when a customer buys – keeping them highly-motivated.

Save the sale
Text with customers after they leave the store

Save the sale when an item is out of stock in-store or customers aren’t yet ready to buy. Send links to buy online later via SMS or WhatsApp and keep the conversation going.

Share by SMS or WhatsApp

You’re in good company

From sneaker-kings to beauty upstarts, and luxury boutiques to homeware icons – stores of all sizes across the world are thriving with HERO®

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