Shop virtually with customers by text, chat and video

Bring the power of virtual shopping to your ecommerce. Experienced by millions of shoppers worldwide.

Personal touch
Just like browsing in-store

Connect with nearby shoppers as they browse—with a conversational commerce experience designed to convert. Perfectly embedded into your online store.

1 in 3 customers go in-store after interacting

Video shopping
Face to face, virtually

Give shoppers the confidence to buy. With the Hero app, teams can chat, schedule store visits and interact through 1-on-1 video calls.

Customers are up to 21x more likely to convert

Virtual consultations
Personalized advice and recommendations

See what shoppers are browsing in real-time as they move around your website and share recommendations that can be added to cart.

Customers spend up to 70% more

Motivate your teams
Close the sale online and get the credit

Whether your retail teams work from physical stores, home or head office, they’re credited when a customer buys online—keeping them highly motivated.

40% return to the app each day

Clienteling built-in
Stay in touch with customers

Keep the conversation going long after they leave your store or simply follow-up when an item is out of stock.

Chat by text, email or WhatsApp

Elevate your shopping experience

Brands of all sizes are thriving with HERO®. Now live in 30 countries across 13 languages.

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